SWOT Analysis

As commonly defined, SWOT analysis is an approach to considering the inhibitors and enhancers to performance that an organisation encounters in both its internal and external environments. Strengths are enhancers to desired performance while weaknesses are inhibitors to desired performance, with both being within the control of an organisation. Opportunities are enhancers and threats are inhibitors to desired performance, though these are considered outside of an organisation’s control. (Hand Book of Human Performance Technology)


It has mixed facilities and caters for a lot of people.The Olympic Park helps local and also the suppliers, through the supplier’s scheme.

It brings in a lot of money and has a huge economic benefit to the country and London in particular.

It is a popular tourist destination, for every one of all ages.

It now has its own post code and has become its own part of London, with homes and facilities for everyone.


The Olympic park doesn’t necessarily cater for everyone’s sport.

It caused a lot of disruption in the community, whilst it was being built.

Some people believe it hasn’t met expectations and that it wasn’t as big and as exciting as people first thought.

Football has taken over the Olympic stadium. For example, West Ham use the club for training and games.


The area is very large, therefore the Olympic Park could expand onto more land and create new facilities and homes.

It has the ability to hold future events such as the Olympics again and other events such as concerts and football matches.

The Park pretty much has the ability to cater for any sport, but yet hasn’t done so, therefore it could expand its range of sports held at the venue. 

The Olympic park will potentially become a ‘hot spot’ for people to live and to also work, therefore creating a number of jobs for the community.


Other Tourist destinations might become more popular in comparison to the Olympic park, such as Big Ben or the London Eye – now that the ‘buzz’ from 2012 is over.

The Parks housing is due to be finished in the near future and this might cause people to think of it as another area of London rather than a tourist destination.

The limelight will be taken off of the Olympic Park when Rio hosts the Olympics this year.

Ref List:

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